Xas Films is an independent production company open to the world



A poet starts an inner journey only to discover that some of his poems have already been written in another language by an Icelandic poet an a Canadian poet.



Aysha is a young energetic voice emerging from the Middle East. Poetry and creativity are her weapons with which to change an expectant post-Arab-Spring society.


Letters through the wall

During the war between Gaza and Israel in the summer of 2014, Basem and Tal write to each other every day. Him Palestinian, her Israeli. Both experience the conflict from different locations but share ideas about possible solutions.

We open new paths

At Xas Films we bet on films with soul, capable of crossing borders with daring and novel discourses. We have been part of festivals such as Visions du Réel, Zinebi, L’Alternativa, Play Doc, Cineuropa, Edimburgh International Film Festival, CinAlfama Lisbon International Film Festival, Voix Vives, Curtocircuíto, Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible de Bilbao, Downtown Urban Arts Festival…


Making impossible movies is an obligation; you have to break an egg to create a universe

In our films there is room for poetry, that’s how it all began, playing to translate verses into images, looking for hidden meanings between the lines. A new film is a new universe in which its own rules govern, a poem that creates its own alphabet, a new language born of silence. Xas Films is our alibi, the cover to continue shaping the chaos.

The Procession of the Xas is an old Galician legend, a nocturnal procession of the souls of the living who sleep. The souls carry a coffin and if you are lucky enough to cross them you will see yourself. Depending on how far your soul is from the coffin in the procession, you will die sooner or later. The image is always a ghost. Xas Films, we manufacture ghosts.